Message From Principal Desk

As we know that the strength of any nation depends on the wisdom, intellectuality, skills, devotion and the patriotic feeling of citizens of the nation. In my opinion schools are place where knowledgeable, skilled, wise, patriotic and devoted citizens are produced that make the country stronger and prosperous. At this time schools are playing vital role in the building up of the nation with the proper use of the potential of the teachers and students where our teachers indentify their special talent and expose them to bring it before society in the form of great achievement.
Our school T.P.R.S. Sr. Sec. School Mohammadi Kheri is also a one of the school where the students are getting education in a natural surrounding as well as they are learning with the help of latest technology from the last 12 years. We always inculcate the habits of learning by doing, honesty, hard work and the quality of morality and character among our students who will become to face the challenge of current time as well as the future. I also train my teachers to enlighten our students by enlightening themselves just like a burning candle with the light of knowledge.

Ranjeet Shrivastava