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Education is Foundation of every nation. The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves. It is a continuous life long process and school is one of the most important components of this process. At TPRS Senior Secondary School, Mohamadi- Kheri, the task of guiding children towards their journey to adulthood is taken up with utmost seriousness through strategically and scientifically planned steps so that the students and parents relax and enjoy the process of becoming lifelong learners.

Education is about the total configuration of ideas, practices and conduct. Schools ought to be a breathing place, providing real meaning of life to students. We continuously strive to achieve this and get better and better every day in every way.

Opportunities are the launch pads, which propel a person towards greater heights of success. By providing opportunities that promote social, emotional, cultural, mental and physical growth, strive to enhance our students’ potential and personality into one of an all-rounded individual, a contributing member to society and the nation at large.

At T.P.R.S., Education is more than just literacy, Education is awareness, a wholesome conglomeration of literacy, spiritual and temporal growth that broadens horizons and creates a zeal and zest for life.

Anand Kumar Gupta

Managing Director

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May our tricolour always fly high. Wish you a very Happy Independence Day!.